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Billions in Change Social Campaign makes silly mistake

Billions in change initiate by the Manoj Bhargava and his team looks promising in many ways.


In 2015, Bhargava pledged 99% of his net worth to improving the well-being of the worlds less fortunate. The program is based around four different solutions free electricity, rain maker, renew and limitless energy.


The program has become a much discussed topic on social media, due to the huge publicity and hundred thousand dollars spent on marketing and PR.
Tyrese Gibson of fast and furious 7 fame commented on facebook:

‘’Can someone please help me track down this genius – his name is Manoj Bhargava he’s known as the creator of the 5 hour energy drink – but I’m trying to track him down about something very very important……. Text, call or email him please….. Thank you guys…’’


Even though the marketing team has been doing a good job, though recently on the official Facebook page which currently holds 136,000 likes, saw a silly embarrassing post on the official page.



This error on the official facebook stayed for almost 2 hours, until social campaign team realised the mistake. Followers wondered if the page was hacked or a human error was made.
Some comments made by the users were:
  • It looks like someone slept on the keyboard.
  • Page hacked?
  • Employee outrage
Anyways, we wish the solutions of the program makes a big impact and do change billions of lives.


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