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Common Mistakes Entrepreneur Make When Starting a Business


People have ambitious dreams of commencing their own businesses, making them grow and develop and, most importantly, being their own bosses. This simple factor of not working under anyone else but making others work for them seems extremely fascinating. The motivation for such conjectured realizations fills the individuals with zest and passion to turn this dream into reality. But the aspirations may or may not continue to prevail at the same level at all times, the way they were in the beginning stage. While the seemingly promising goals, that people benchmarked, portray a big picture of success when imagined, however, the executions made for the attainment of these goals might reflect paradoxical implications.

In today’s scenario, where economic conditions can, ever, take an up or a down step, it is indispensable to pay attention to various aspects that allow for slumps. It is highly vital to try to minimize mistakes that, generally, budding entrepreneurs ignore. Following are few of the major mistakes that require corrections inevitably.

Obscure Vision Inducing Impatience:

Any major goal to be attained comprises minor tasks to be complied with. An intricate planning process is a must to be designed and followed. Lack of clear vision and cryptically defined steps do not allow suitable decision making. Hence, puny outcomes witnessed do not correspond to satisfactory levels. This leads to disappointment and therefore, lack of patience, which in turn causes taking even more wrongful judgements, further creating problems. Instead of entering in this vicious circle, one must pre-define all steps that syndicate the main idea.

Too much or too little investment:

How much to invest is one of the prime concerns for any type of business. The tendencies to use minimum funds until standards set are achieved or ploughing extensively to realize cash inflows as soon as possible, do not suffice proper reasoning. Going to the extremes may not prove fruitful. As per the business plan, and all the prominent details attached to, the amount of investment required to be made during the beginning phase of the business must be determined effectively. Business will generate profits only after cost effect is applied.

Not being different:

The current markets have reached a saturation point in offering almost everything. There are countless vendors providing the same products or services. Competition is, obviously, at its zenith in well established markets or already existing products. The focus, as demanded, should be on creation of differentiation in the product/ service offered, technology, marketing strategy, target market, etc. A similar offering with improved features will provide a distinct position in the minds of the target group. This is a major step towards curbing competition. Pioneering advantages are, generally, difficult to find but, definitely, providing a larger as well as differentiated platform and business expedition.

Doing it all alone:

New entrepreneurs believe in handling everything on their own rather than seeking help. Establishing and running a business cover numerous works and taking every bit of the work on one’s own shoulders is not an intelligent decision. Responsibilities’ distribution and asking for assistance from those who are more experienced are requisites for settling of all issues satisfactorily, leading to smooth business operations. One should also remember from whom to ask for support. Not everyone is willing or appreciating the idea of providing help. Also, some might not be competent enough to offer correct assistance or some might be more interested to deliberately cause loss. Only a handful of trusted supporters should be approached.

Prioritizing problem:

A common flunks in mapping out different concerns and providing disordered importance to related issues cause lack of attention being provided to more valuable tasks. Promptness in decision making pertaining to priorities is crucial. If various tasks or issues are not handled pragmatically, more chances are that the person gets tangled in minor arenas. For instance, if the offered product or service does not improve the prevailing situation or provides enhancement of any sort, what difference would it mere, but highly time and effort consuming, design or innovation will make for the customers. This means that the offering is of no use if it doesn’t suffice its major purpose. Hence, prioritizing such decisions are essential paving way to success.

Ignoring customers’ response:

One of the unnoticeable problems with the new businesses is that the customers’ response is not well-entertained. The job is to not only enter into the market with the offering, but also providing the customers with the proper means for sharing their responses, whether positive or negative. Therefore, once the product/service has reached the customers, reasonable steps should be taken to know their feedback, and as aggregated suggestion demands, relevant actions must be taken. This helps the businesses to make improvements vis-à-vis revamping customer relations.

No attention towards marketing:

Be it any kind of business, marketing is a must! More often than not, new entrepreneurs have a built-in assumption that their business, once started, will fetch customers automatically, via word of mouth, free PR or other effortless strategies. This belief hampers spreading the knowledge about the business to prospective customers. Every entrepreneur requires an appropriate marketing strategy and tactics to accelerate  their business growth. This does not suggest putting a substantial amount of the total budget for promotion and advertising purpose, but keeping a good amount of funds as per convenience for such considerations, so that the new business does not lack behind due to paucity of promotional attempts.

Starting up a business is a not a cake walk. It requires an investment not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time and effort. Vision and enthusiasm are not just the words that could be used in previous stages, but the intents to believe in. One cannot sit back and relax if the dream is to own a successful business. The firm and obstinate opinions or course of actions suffice the rigger for attainment. Whether small or colossal targets, all require necessary attempts that is accompanied by patience. And, not instantly, but gradually the dream gets its way to existence.


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