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Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016


Digital marketing is constantly changing with new innovative ways of marketing techniques and tools. In 2016-17, it is expected to evolve even more than past years, the key reason for the tremendous growth is credited to digitally globalized era. Below are the top 3 choices for 2016 marketing growth, which marketers needs to consider for effective marketing strategy.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Optimal Formula
  3. Real-Time Marketing

Strategic Content Marketing:


Content Marketing has always been important module of digital marketing era., this would increase in 2016. Marketers would be required to be smarter and customer oriented to make an impact with their products and services. Recently, studies have revealed 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.  Storytelling is the new way of content marketing followed by trending topics to create a buzz.

Optimal Formula:


There is no perfect optimal formula for digital marketing. However, there are many ways to form your own optimal product formula. Every product has a different targeted audience and therefore require unique segmentation accordingly.

An optimal formula is to do that work best for you.

  • Measure
  • Learn
  • Test
  • Measure again

Any marketing activity done online for promotion of the product should be monitored carefully to understand the outcomes, which lead to better conversion rates. The implementation of optimal formula helps in reducing the bounce rate and build channels for potential leads. Promoting the content on social and consumer platforms while following a proper timeline is important.

Tools like Mixpanel, Similarweb, KISSmetrics, Pingdom and Google Analytics give you the ability to segment your traffic and user behavior based on different attributes.

Real-time Marketing:


Customers share, subscribe etc. on various social platforms. Marketers need to keep a track of these clients and generate data on the basis of real-time topics. Companies following real-time marketing for their product have a better chance of getting noticed than using old data and topics. Understanding the real-time metrics is important for increasing client engagement.

Action Plan: Reach out with your products where the customers are, rather than calling them towards your products.


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