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Keep Up With Google In 2017


Requiring any kind of information, and the phrase gets gushed out- Google it! The hub of world’s inside stories, Google, presents anything and everything one might seek for. Through its cognitive processes, Google has been amending its methods, policies and presentations as per the changing scenarios and offering what’s most asked for it- be it in the form of articles, news, images or video.

Google has restyled its ways constantly and this stands the need for a heads-up that would help marketers tweak their SEO results in 2017.

Differently strategizing for the target keywords: Searching for one word and getting thousands of related subjects displayed on the result pages! This is a kind of inevitable difficulty faced on the search engine. The bona fide content is accompanied by permutated ads, news and awry search results. This vying on the Google search engine result pages leads to an odd placing of the clicks, by showing more relevant searches on the succeeding pages.

Changing the earmarking strategy for the keywords helps overcome this problem. With this level of competitiveness, it is advisable to improvise with the tools available, such as

  • Google AdWord: making you visible to the customers more prominently,
  • Google Keywords Planner: helps generate your keyword strategy with optimization of the content,
  • Voice Search: using conversational keywords that is gaining popularity, that whisk your placement in the top shown search results, with the competitors eclipsed. In addition to using the above strategies, topics over the keywords further help in the effective content creation and marketing.

Elevating through Link Building Strategy: To have a good level of influx to your website, link building is vital. This stands to be a long term strategy as the results showing benefits are not immediate, as well as short term when it comes to the ongoing efforts to generating inpouring links. It is crucial that the inbound links are through, as they say, white hat building and are not any kind that could be viewed as spams, therefore, being useful to your site and to those linking you.

This tactic must include proper link goals, the pursuit of such goals in a strategic way, calculative and prudent attempts and tractable criterion, to be successful. By way of publishing and promoting first-rate content, the link goals are achieved.

As its returns are not instant, with involvement of high upfront costs, it is considered as a slow process, but the process that, with no doubts, ensures earning links. The method might benefit your efforts with a slight delay, but it definitely does. So, it’s better to be patient and with time, you’ll see the positive impending.

Traffic Source Diversification for continuous Drop In’s: Producing the contents is merely half the battle. The next important step is to distribute it with optimal strategies. This is a must for not just corresponding visits to a puny lot whose main idea is searching for your name, but earning a vast traffic that hunts for similar chords.

Manifold strategies are essential to initiate traffic from varying sources. For instance, providing a written content by way of publishing on blogs, LinkedIn Pulse or through other mediums of presentation; or in case of videos, putting them on different forums, and so on, whilst making customizations appropriate to grab the eyeballs.

Improving Searchers’ Involvement to Your Domain: The machine- learning breakthrough technology that Google uses to operate its search results has been given a substantial weightage. The artificial intelligence, namely, RankBrain, works on the basis of click- through levels of the links and time taken to the pages, that rank the site as high or low. It requires making the content useful and attractive enough to engross the viewers’ attention.

Until now, RankBrain has not been put to use entirely, however with increasing advancements, it, shortly, will be. And when it does, it will be more important than ever to have a better visibility to the customers (or searchers) which entails prerequisites to be taken care of, for example, revamping your website’s outlook that provides functions with a swift, improving the qualitative aspect of the content as well as providing understandable and all-inclusive content, thinking in line with the audiences’ perceptions to offer them what’s asked for or desired correctly, making the website usable on different devices, discarding the idea of pop-up ads to your site as the users find them disturbing, and making every possible effort that helps increase engagements and returns to your site.

With the changing needs of the lot, Google has not limped at all, instead made requisite alterations and progressions. This search engine has evolved and modified in numerous ways in the past years and will continue to do so. Perhaps, this is how it surpasses any other search engine.These changes have postulated the indispensability to ramp the plan for the forthcoming scenarios, in order to keep pace with Google’s upstairs-kicks, and outstrip the competitors. Putting forward highly upgraded engagements to the users will surely ensure an edge over the corrivals, making it harder for them to outplay you.


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