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Guide for International Students to study in the UK


Are you planning to study in the UK? And have difficulties understanding where to start? What to do? Whom to ask?

This post would help you know the entire process in the UK, with some key facts to look into while preparing for the UK experience.

The UK education system is one of the world’s finest and reputed systems. In recent years the UK universities have over performed most of the international universities. One of the world’s renowned universities and research comes from the UK. Are you planning to become the part of this experience? If, yes, then firstly congratulation on taking a step towards a brighter future. With a degree from the UK you would definitely become more competitive in the current global talent market.

There are various steps that need to be prepared for the process. We are going to highlight all of them step by step.

The first few things you need to figure out are:

  • What course do you want to study?
  • Which university has got your desired course and what are the deadlines for applying?
  • Do your previous educational transcripts or scores, match the universities requirements?
  • Have you got the required education fees and living funds?

Ones you have figured out these questions the next step is to apply for the university courses. Applying to the universities is simple, just go to the official websites of university and apply to the requested documents. Incase you think you want further help for the applying process, get in-touch with university administration via. emails or contact numbers given on the official university websites. There are some local agents as well who help you get through the process of applying (If you choose to go through an agent or consultants choose the ones that universities recommend in your country). We would suggest applying at-least three universities of your choice to get better options and keep a track of deadlines and apply at early dates only.

The documents required for applying are ones asked on university websites (example: Your previous transcripts, Statement of Purpose, Letter of recommendations, CV, experience letter, etc.) with any additional supporting documents such as funding (fixed deposits or loan letters) and medical documents (check visa sites). Ones you have applied to the university, they revert back to you on the basis of your applications and numbers of applicant applied (officials usually try to reply as soon as possible). If the university accepts you, then they usually send you a conditional offer letter (some conditions which needs to be cleared from your side, depending on case-to-case). Once you clear these conditions and pay the admission securing fees, you are issued an unconditional letter and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). After completing this entire process, you need to look for accommodations for yourself, for which you can look into the university student residences or private accommodations.

Visa Process: After securing the university CAS letter and accommodation booking, next thing on the list is to get ready for applying the visa. The first step in the visa process is to book an appointment via. UK embassy’s website. Once you have got the embassy’s visa appointment, you need to visit the embassy or designated place for documents submission and the interview. The document submission is simple and easy process; in terms of the visa interview again, it takes 10-30 mins to complete. The usual questions asked during the interview process are regarding:

  • Brief introduction?
  • Which university and course you applied?
  • Why you choose to study in the UK?
  • What are your plans after the education in the UK?

These are some sample of questions that can be asked during the process. The best bet to answer these questions is to be confident and honest, don’t at all sound desperate and answer straightforwardly without any long foolish stories. Once you have gone through the visa process an decision on your application comes around within 15* working days (Again, depending on the case-to-case and number of applicants).

We wish everyone all the best and good luck with your visa process and the UK’s educational experience. If you have any queries or question regarding anything related to this topic, then comment below (we would try to answer within 24 hours).


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