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Growth Hack – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization

Need to improve the visibility of your website? Apparently, in this case, there is no better option than polishing your knowledge about Search Engine Optimization for practical use. Having a basic idea about SEO strategies and applying them are pivotal to a web page’s positioning.

Your website should be useful to both, the visitors and the search engines. Following are a few basic essentials that prove to be effective for your site’s optimization results.

What to Present: Your content, including all information from top to bottom, content management and handling as well as the infrastructure of the website is obviously of fundamental indispensability. However, paying attention only to them will not offer the desired outcomes. The links you require to provide, the social media platform and paid searches enhance the completeness.

Focus on your Business Model: One of the most commonly ignored mistakes cover lack of attention towards the business model. Being attentive only to the goals to be achieved will not suffice your efforts. Laying out a detailed plan describing the overall operations, revenue sources (grabbing only the eyeballs or the clicks), the owning (assets) and owing (liabilities), etc. are required to be set and understood.Search Engines Focus: A very important aspect is to know what the search engines are focusing on. Well, it simply means, search engines look for what the users find relevant. This entails the efficacy with following:

  • The whole content, including the titles, detailed texts, etc., is designed and presented.
  • It shows the authority for inbound or outbound links.
  • The website performs, in relation to speed and other functions.
  • The website appeals to the users with respect to overall experience, including the users’ security, navigation, etc.

Search Engines’ “Viewed-As-Trash”: Amidst all the relevance determined, there also lies a scope to understand what the search engines are not looking for at all. Certain stuffs that you need to disengage from are listed below.

  • More often than not the excessive usage of keywords is not appreciated.
  • Using too many ads, or other awry matters that muffle your major concern only lead to bad user experiences and increases the bounce rates.
  • Buying links that do not add much pertinence and materiality of your web page are considered to be another form of trash-material.

Incorporate Multi-Channel Optimization: Using multi- channel strategy for optimizing branding is extremely advisable. Apart from your main web page, gearing up focus on making a presence on other popular websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. surges the visibility. Offline media, for example, using TV or radio ads are also very effective.Consider Other-Than-Desktop-Options for Optimization: Today’s scenario is more about using mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, it is a need to stop lingering only around the desktop results, but focusing attention to different devices and media. Furthermore, creation and optimization of non-text media, such as a video, will better rank your content.

Have Domain Name Consistency: Selecting a perfect domain name is highly crucial. It must be bona fide to the overall purpose. The domains should be uniform as consistent- blockages dilute the recognition. While buying any old domain, try not to change it into a new one, but look for every bit including the legal issues. Employing keywords to a certain extent also helps in your overall efforts.

Don’t Ignore Your Meta Data: Your content on your website must contain Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. Try to keep both of them unique so that they are specific to your page.

  • An optimal title mustn’t have more than 8 words to keep it effective.
  • Meta descriptions should be perceived as relevant by the search engines. However, meta keywords are mainly overlooked by the search engines these days, but using them in well- set format, precisely indicating to the required web page will improve the SEO results.

By now, you must have understood that SEO is something never to be ignored. It is fundamental to websites desired success and businesses real revenue generation. So, don’t skip the basics by sprinting only towards the over-the-top facets.


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