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Things To Do Within One Day In London


Planning a visit to London? And just got one day?

No problem! This guide would help you make the most out of your 1 day London experience.

London is a famous city with a mixture of art, heritage, and culture of England combined with modern infrastructures and lifestyle. It is a massive city (ranked 25th in the world) and cannot be viewed entirely in one or two days. Therefore, we would suggest you the best thing you can do in a short amount of time in London.


There are various places to start your journey from, though we recommend starting your day from Westminster Bridge which is build upon River Thames. If you are placed near the bridge you have close access to various famous attractions that are at a walkable distance (1-2 miles). The closest underground tube near Westminster Bridge is Westminster Station.

Attractions nearby Westminster Bridge:

The Houses of Parliament & “Big Ben”(2 min by walk, 256 ft): Know as a symbol of power and decision making. To visit inside the debating chambers requires a special pass, which is not possible to gain within 1 day. Though the visitors can admire the incredible huge infrastructure that looks magnificent from outside.


Winston Churchill Statue (Very close to Big Ben): British statesman, orator, and author who as prime minister rallied the British people during World War II. It’s located between route of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.


Westminster Abbey (5 min by walk, 0.2 miles): Famous place where Kings and Queens have been crowned and history has been created. Generally, it opens around 9:30 AM and is recommended to reach earlier in order to see before it gets crowded.


London Eye (4 min by walk, 0.2 miles): London eye is surely a thing you must do, as you can view almost whole central London with it.


Churchill War Rooms (8 min by walk, 0.3 miles): This is a personal choice if you like to experience history of war and strategies.


Buckingham Palace: The distance between the London Eye and Buckingham Palace is 1.5 miles, which through taxi would take 6 minutes and by walk around 25 minutes. The walk is a decent way to travel as you would see lots of things on the way, such as 10 Downing Street and beautiful St. James’s Park, Horse Guards Parade. If you are on time run opt for taxi to save time.


After visiting all these places aggregate time consumption would be 3-8 hours, depending on each individual’s time spent.

One of the best ways to see the main attractions of London is to get on the Guided Bus Tours which takes off from the Westminster Bridge. The tour is covered in 1 hour approximately and shows you around the central London. Bus tour costs around Adults £26.00 and Children £12.50.


Things you might want to buy online before start your journey:

  • The Tube is the best and time saving mode to travel around in London. Travelcards with complete day validation can prove a very effective way to save money and time. With travelcards you travel as often as you like on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London underground and National Rail services within the London travel zones. Travelcards Price Range: £12.10 to 25
  • London eye tickets online.
  • Online bus tour tickets.

Some other things that can be visited in London:

Museums: There are 3 major museums if you want to see, the famous British museum, war museum and science museum. But, all are really time consuming, for example: to view British museum alone would take 2-3 hours.


Tower of London: History of war, kingdoms uprising, secrets, royalty, etc. Build over 900 years ago, good place to visit but can take lots of time, however majority of bus tours cover it from outside.


Tower Bridge: London’s iconic bridge, can be covered in bus tour as well.


Trafalgar Square: famous Square with lots of history.


There is also a guided City Cruise which takes you all around the river Thames.


Make sure, to choose a hotel or a place to stay near (1-2-mile radius) London Eye if you are staying in London for overnight. There are hotels like IBIS, Premier Inn, etc., which are decent hotels.

Two major airports in London:

  1. Heathrow Airport
  2. London City Airport




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