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Things to Do in Montreal


The beautiful city on the lands of Canada, Montreal, was named after the triple – peaked hill, Mount Royal, situated, as they say, at its heart. Set on an island, Montreal offers a wide range in its continental climate. The city experiences the extremes of summers and frosty winters as well as the most pleasant blend of both.

This populous and the second largest French-speaking city has plenty of exquisite escapades for creation of the best- enjoyable episodes. In short, if you are planning to have a worthy trip, Montreal is a sufficed option. Listed down are a few unskippable places in Montreal.

Old Montreal: The centrally located portions of the city manifest the traces of formerly established Montreal. It is one of the major attractions, providing vast eatery and shopping choices to pick. It is filled with boutiques and galleries too. The place is such that the visitors would enjoy walking down the entire place to catch every glance of it. One must not miss out the Old Port, the waterfront destination. The relishing activities like boating and beach, bathing in summers to ice skating and ice fishing in winters attract the attention of visitors throughout the year.


Notre- Dame Basilica– Located in the Old Montreal, the 1829-built magnificent Gothic Revival prominences the astonishing structure of colossal pipe with 4 keyboards along with 7000 other pipes, and marvelously stained glass as well, delineating the religious history of Montreal through pictorial designs.

Montreal Botanical Garden and Insectarium– This garden covers an area of around 190 acres, engulfing 10 exhibition greenhouses, 20-over themed gardens and almost 22000 plant species. There also lies North America’s largest insectarium showcasing around 250000 specimens- both living and mounted- of butterflies, bees and ants. The entire place comes under the top lots of its kind in the world.

Underground City– The site has reticulated hotels, museums, metro stations, shopping malls and much more which is indoor- installed. It is a hub of every amusement. All the spots are well connected by way of tunnels, taking an area of about 20 miles altogether.

Place des Arts– The place is a spot in the Symphony Orchestra, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Opera de Montreal, best suited for those with real interests in such arts. Montreal’s Symphony House, another place for Orchestra performances, is a leading orchestra house in North America.

Mount Royal– When the origin of the city’s name is based on this hill’s name, it does not fit to ignore this pleasing green-site. The 233 meters high hill has much more to offer in its periphery. Park with numerous plants and trees as well as lakes complete the look of the area.

Montreal Skyline– The skyline gives a jaw-dropping view of mashups of Montreal’s modern skyscrapers, old monuments, eye-widening architectural blends, and all of it accompanied by the St. Lawrence River.

Museums– Montreal has dozens of museums, which is definitely good for those interested in historical aspects, antiques and preserved things. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is not only Montreal’s largest museum, but also among Canada’s most famous museums too. It showcases the decorative pieces of arts and designs as well as take in the Bourgie Hall which is a music performance space. PointeàCallière is another very famous museum for the reason of its establishment at the spot where the start of Montreal commenced as Ville-Marie in 1642. It is, obviously, sited in the Old Montreal. The museum portrays the city’s heritage from historic Amerindian times to the changes made during the present days. It also screens an 18-minute video- Yours Truly. Additionally, there also is a private history museum, namely, Château Ramezay. This museum was initially set as the residence of former governor of New France and currently displays five centuries of Montreal’s history along with the overall region. Within its peripheral boundaries is a well maintained garden exhibiting the French colonial pattern. Montreal Biosphere, an aviary shaped environment museum, is much different from those mentioned above. It was built for 1967’s World Fair and it illuminates about eco-technologies and sustainable development.

River Surfing– The place also puts forward the offer to surf on the St. Lawrence River and enjoy the standing waves.

Centaur Theatre– It is an ideal place for play- lovers. Situated in Old Montreal, the theatre was used to be the Old Stock Exchange Building. Its ex-purpose gives the building an exemplary outlook at the present time. The plays are in English language.

Rue Saint- Paul– The oldest street in Montreal is cobblestoned. It is a hub of many historic buildings, one of them is the Bonsecour Market.

Montreal International Jazz Festival– Especially during the summers, variant and enjoyable events are undertaken in the city. One of such popular festive times include the International Jazz festival, which is considered to be the world’s largest “Jazz Fest”. Apart from this, another prominent happening is the Just for Laughs comedy festival that is worldwide famous.

Parc Jean- Drapeau– The largest park in the city, located on the St. Lawrence River, is popular for hosting not only the cultural but also sporting events. The park offers peace with perfection and relaxation beyond imagination.

Montreal’s Olympic Stadium– Built in 1976 in summer games, the stadium attracts the sports-heads. Football, baseball and soccer games are held here that catch attention of huge lots.

Montreal Casino– It is the largest casino in Canada and one of the top casinos in the world. The casino is located on Notre Dame Island and remains open 24×7 for visitors with at least 18 years of age.

Cathédrale Marie-Reine Du Monde – Also called as the Cathedral Basilica of Mary is a pretty attractive landmark in the city situated at the Bonaventure station, giving a royal touch. The phrase means Queen of the World.

While you travel down the roads, you’ll find amazing street arts with different themes and street musicians presenting their talents. Train and Metro systems are optimal for conveyance. Further, Bixi Public Bikes are another option for those having an interest in cycling throughout the local parts of the city. Discover the amazing beauty and culture of Montreal on your own and witness the delightful experience.

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