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New York City 1 Day Travel Guide


Planning your first visit to New York City? And just got 1 day to experience it all? No, problem this article would guide you make the most out of your 1-day trip to NYC in self-guided style.

Few tip while visiting NYC:

  • If you want to visit major parts of the city and have very limited time, you can take guided NYC bus tours which cover various sights to see in NYC.
  • Tickets for Bus Tours, Ferries, Helicopter rides, etc., can be purchased online. They are easy to get on the spot as well, still try to get them in advance to save time.
  • If you get lost or need directions to a place, don’t hesitate to ask any New Yorkers as they are mostly friendly and happy to help.
  • NYC cabs or Uber rides are easy to get, for closer distances sometime it is better to walk due to high traffic.

Trip Plan:

  1. Times Square
  2. Battery Park with views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and NY Harbor
  3. Wall Street, including Federal Hall and the New York Stock Exchange
  4. 9/11 Memorial and World Trade Center
  5. Grand Central Terminal
  6. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge
  7. Washington Square and Greenwich Village
  8. Rockefeller Center
  9. Central Park
  10. Walk the High Line



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