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5 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017


The world, with ever-growing changes, is increasingly witnessing more and more competent and hard work, that not just particularize the robust “men-world” but concerns the growing female workers or professionals as well. Where on one hand, men tightly gripped various domains, on the other hand, women seem to be effectively taken hold in the similar sections. Every field is evidencing a proliferation in the number of females. And, when being specific about entrepreneurship, well, there lies an abundance of women entrepreneurs.

In spite of all the uphill struggles and discrimination battles, along with intense competition, there are best epitomes that have worked tremendously to elevate in their arenas. Following are a few of such strong women entrepreneurs who deserve worthy attention.

Stella Mateo: A Dominican- American women who worked with and came up with her idea of offering taxi and car services, is a popular entrepreneur. The object does not end here. Her intent becomes distinct from those of others as she focused her attention onto the women-force. As the name of her company- Shetaxis– suggests, Mateo seeks to provide such services “for women and from women”. Whenever given a chance, Mateo promotes women empowerment and self sufficiency to ride up the female bunch. Shetaxis, for now, encircles New York, but shows promising signs of expansion.

Julia Taylor Cheek: The co-founder and CEO of EverlyWell, proffers a brilliant utility to families. The company offers preventive health care that is a benchmark in the respective field, where it encompasses at-home-testing and results in an easily understandable manner, making heath checkups a convenient and trouble-free piece of work. However, the new entrepreneur’s entry into the business world is not recent. She had been CFO and Vice President at MoneyGram International. Prior to that, she also worked for George W. Bush Institute.

Stephanie Lampkin: The ambitious lady started Blendoor, that serves as a platform for job search. The prime point of this service is its unbiased manner of presenting information to the recruiters, in a way making a blind-job-match. It hides the identification details of the job seekers, thereby eliminating favoritism of any sort and portraying the profiles with particulars of qualifications, abilities and skills. The mechanism is majorly employed in Silicon Valley but is gaining popularity worldwide.

Natalya Brikner: The company, Accion Systems, co-founded by Natalya Brikner propels towards providing technologies that strive to shrink the cost of missions relating to space (especially, the satellite sector). Brikner employs her know-how and experience from MIT and puts it into practical implementations. Though the company was found in 2014, it continues to portray the forthcoming changing scenario in this industry and therefore, places Brikner among one of the brightest entrepreneurs across the globe.

Stephanie Shyu: Shyu co-founded AdmitSee, that is oriented towards rendering college counselling services, as an attempt to compensate the paucity of personalized counselors. AdmitSee provides an unobstructed and extensive stage that manifests detailed college application process that suits students’ and parents’ understanding. AdmitSee had been listed amidst the top ten entrepreneurial endeavors under 2016 Amplify Women’s Pitch Night Competition.

Ishveen Anand: When all the fields have presence of women, why not sports? The Indian origin and British inhabitant entrepreneur strived a significant change in the sports sponsorship industry by way of OpenSponsorship, the company that offers a perfect place for athletes, sponsors and related work groups to seek the inadequately deployed market of sports sponsorships. The idea clinched her mind after working with and gaining experience from a sports agency in India, that paved way to her entrepreneurial desire.

Limitless diversity prevails that offers and requires various sets of flairs, you just need to understand your type and fit in. There have been hidden talents that the most inspiring women, who are performing well and making their own ways to success, have unfolded. However, there still lie platitudes to be opened out- after all, women are not the jellyfishes surviving without brains.

We hope that this post helps the budding women entrepreneurs gain inspiration and motivation to perform as they dream and desire. Good luck!


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